Vessel Environmental Footprint


As part of our Charter Company Partnership Program, the Vessel Environmental Footprint (VEF) is a per vessel rating system that measures emissions and sustainability actions onboard a boat, resulting in a rating out of 5. This rating indicates the impact the vessel has on the environment, with 1 being a vessel that produces a significant environmental footprint, and 5 being a sustainable vessel that actively mitigates its impact on the environment.

The system works to reduce the impact the Yacht Charter industry has on the environment, allowing customers to make informed decisions that support green initiatives.

How Does It Work?


Verified Yacht Charter Partners who register to have their vessel's VEF calculated will firstly fill in a comprehensive survey about their vessel. Green Sail will then review and check the details, before providing a breakdown of the yacht's footprint.

The footprint can then be used by the Yacht Charter company to differentiate yachts in their fleet and highlight sustainability efforts onboard specific boats.

Green Sail provides marketing resources including icons and a verified partner profile to assist in promoting the VEF online, on social media and in newsletters.

PRICING: Our VEF Rating System is €30 per vessel for an annual certification


In order to measure the overall environmental footprint of a vessel we measure four key areas:

  • Emissions produced onboard
  • Power usage
  • Water usage
  • Waste produced onboard

In addition, we also measure elements that are able to offset or reduce the impact made in key areas. These include antifouling processes, the presence of renewable energy sources onboard (such as solar panels and water makers), and whether waste separation occurs to facilitate recycling. Additional operational factors are also taken into consideration, such as how old the vessel is, how frequently it is used and how it is used (i.e. charter or leisure).


Once calculated, each vessel will display the Green Sail icon againts their vessel online, allowing travellers to make informed decisions about sustainable sailing.


  • Sustainability awareness
  • Improved transparency
  • Develop an understanding of your vessel environmental footprint and how to offset it
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved company culture
  • Ensure consumer enviornmental demands are met


Measuring our environmental footprint through VEF allows us to determine carbon reduction opportunities and it also builds a business case to track the efforts for less harmful solutions and products.

Dragana, SUNLIFE, 2023

VEF is the first step in reducing the negative impact generated by nautical companies and goes a long way to help our collective efforts in tackling climate change.

Sandra, ORVAS, 2023

VEF allows customers to make informed choices that support green actions. Increased demand for sustainable options allows companies to charge more for their products or services, resulting in increased revenue. Legislation in the future will focus more on these policies and turn them into the law. Companies that have implemented sustainable practices will have a competitive advantage.

Orvas, 2023

Verified Vessels

View verified vessels by clicking on the company logo below. This will generate the sustainability credentials of each vessel that has been verified by Green Sail.

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