Yacht Charter

How to Skipper a Yacht in Croatia - Online Course

Yacht Charter: An Introduction to Croatia

Sailing has increased in popularity across the globe, particularly in Croatia. With this in mind, this course was built on the combined knowledge and experience of both professional Skippers and the Green Sail team, providing Skippers that are new to sailing in Croatia with a concise and informative introduction to the unique and wonderful world of sailing green in Croatia.

Sailing in a new country can be both daunting and confusing, which is why we've put together this short course to inform you on the specifics of sailing in Croatia, allowing you to set sail with ease. Practice makes perfect and by keeping your crew and boat safe you will be on the road to a hassle-free, relaxing holiday!

Those who complete this short course will be well equipped to set sail safely and efficiently, with a reduced risk of damage onboard your charter yacht (and possible additional costs), increased confidence whilst sailing in Croatia and improved awareness around environmental sustainability issues.


Course Overview

Step 1 Free of charge
Step 2 Learn on the go
Step 3 Online format
Step 3 20 minute course

Key Course Benefits

  • Save time at check-in
  • Reduce the risk of damage to yachts
  • Reduces anxiety for new skippers in Croatia
  • Improves sustainability awareness in Croatia

Course Chapters:

  1. Introduction to Sailing in Croatia
  2. Onboard Equipment
  3. Mooring in Croatian Marinas
  4. Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Course Chapters

  1. Introduction to Sailing in Croatia
  2. Onboard Equipment
  3. Mooring in Croatian Marinas
  4. Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Student Reviews

Simply awesome. All online training should be this brief, simple and relevant. Excellent short videos that show exactly what they set out to share with the viewer, and useful practical tips and guidance. Thanks for the resource!

John Ashley, 2023

I believe this will become a 'must course' for all new sailors coming to Croatia.

Tom, 2021 Student

Great idea! I am happy I was recommended this.

Vaclav, 2021 Student

The course helped me feel more self-confident for trying to sail the first time in Croatia. Danke!!!

Otto, 2021 Student


Dominik Seric, 2022

Interesting in various ways. Its always important to know not only sailing things and tips but also know local information and learn about it and how you can help, contribute and prevent in a positive way to the enviroment, economy and life

Cristina Fernandez, 2022

The course helped me to reinforce the importance of caring for marine flora and fauna, something that we usually forget when we are sailing.

Alfonso Muñoz Sahr, 2021


In order to understand the course content, it is advisable to have your Skipper's licence, however no experience is needed to take the course. The course is conducted in English.

This course is open to all students with a Skipper’s licence.

Please contact [email protected] with any technical issues.

No, everything you will need is contained within the course! You can start the course at any time and pick up where you left off at a later date if need be.

Well done! A team member will be in touch to provide you with a Certificate of Completion. If you have any questions, would like to engage in environmentally friendly activities or support the work of Green Sail, please email [email protected]