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Our community movement includes our core team, volunteers and interns based locally and across the globe who wish to support our initiatives and get involved in sea and coastal protection.

By joining our community movement you're able to support a grassroots organisation and make a direct impact on the issues that interest you. To become a volunteer, intern or ambassador, complete the form below and a member of the Green Sail team will be in touch!




Comprised of dedicated individuals who are passionate about sea and coastal protection, our team brings together diverse backgrounds, expertise, and skills, with a shared commitment to making a positive impact. From project planning and strategy to outreach and advocacy, our core team collaborates closely to ensure the success of our mission.

With many years experience in the nautical sector, Grant is passionate about raising ecological awareness in Croatia. This experience and passion forms the basis of the Green Sail movement.

Grant Seuren

Through her positive energy and love of the environment, Helle is a true ecologist, promoting the "reduce, reuse, recycle" principles whenever possible. Her ‘green’ ideas have contributed to the Green Sail movement from the very beginning.

Helle Seuren

Responsible for managing Green Sail initiatives, Ornela conducts educational activities and manages stakeholder relationships to ensure sustainability throughout the nautical tourism sector.

Ornela Krezic
Green Sail Manager

Jayde is responsible for all things marketing, including strategic development, communication strategies, branding and content creation.

Jayde Cox
Marketing Manager

Maintaining all things technology, Justin is responsible for website development, management and technical support, ensuring the Green Sail message is effectively delivered.

Justin Christensen
Technology Manager

Creating high quality videos, Eugen is responsible for developing video content that influences nature lovers to be responsible in their use of our seas and oceans.

Eugen Bilankov
Video Editor

Lucija personally promotes a sustainable way of life and assists with the creation of video content that effectively conveys the Green Sail message.

Lucija Vrkic
Video Editor


Our wonderful volunteers assist us with everything from social media, marketing and design tasks, to community actions, educational initiatives and everything in between. Let us know your availability, skills and strengths and we will get back to you with our available volunteering opportunities!

Karolina has been a long-term Green Sail volunteer. Her passion for the preservation of the environment and her eco-friendly way of life has made a great contribution to both the Green Sail initiatives and her local community.

Karolina Slezakova
Local Volunteer

Jaksa is a very skilled skipper who has also recognized the importance of environmentally concious practices which he himself implements regularly while sailing throughout the Adriatic coast by educatings his guests.

Jaksa Nejašmić
Local Volunteer

Anna is a Communication Design student at The Glasgow School of Art. Anna believes in the pursuit of environmentally friendly, sustainable living and that everybody has a personal responsibility to work towards this as best as we can.

Anna Waterston
Local Volunteer

Bela is a graphic designer who likes to draw people's attention to important issues using visual language. She thinks that people need to be more environmentally friendly, which she communicates through her work.

Bela Chekhova


As Green Sail Ambassadors, our team are able to get involved by identifying an area they want to improve or change, and doing something about it. We assist with resources, advice and financial investments into promoting and running local projects. Join us as an Ambassador in your local community and make changes to support our projects.

Atonio has become a Local Ambassador after his love towards the Adriatic Sea prompted him to organize a sea clean-up in his home town. Originally from one of the biggest shipbuilding prots in Croatia, he understands the importance of supporting sustainability practices.

Antonio Ivanišević

As the owner and founder of Business Sailing Experience Agency (BSEA) Tom is well experienced in leading sustainable business in Croatia. He is a firm believer in an ecological way of life. He specialises in organising corporate sailing events that align with his environmental values.

Tom Gavazzi

Roman is our Local Ambassador in Austria. He notes that the Adriatic is such a great space for relxation, sports and adventure, and as beneficaries of this environment, he stongly believes we should all ensure tourism is carried out in a sustainable way.

Roman Fleischhackl

Cristian is one of our Local Ambassadors in Romania. He is passionate about the conservation of our environment and believes now, more than ever, is the time to change the way we consume tourism and engage travellers.

Cristian Tetelea

Ioana is one of our Local Ambassadors in Romania. She is passionate about preserving the environment and hopes to raise the conversation about eco-conscious sailing in Romania and abroad, where awareness of responsible sailing is limited. Ioana and her husband hope to do so via their blog, Cafune Experience.

Ioana Tetelea

As a part of Green Sail, Lyubena would like to support the protection of nature for the next generations so that they too can have a fair share of what we enjoy today. Through her business in Greece, she encourages all her customers to practice environmentally friendly sailing.



Our Interns are environmentally oriented students who would like to gain theoretical and practical knowledge of sustainable practices within the nautical sector. These students are eager to tackle environmental challenges and help to improve coastal communities!

Diana is a Tourism and Sustainability student at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Throughout her time with Green Sail, Diana has gained valuable experience completing research, creating blog posts and collecting data through fieldwork.

Diana Alexe

Having recently completed her degree in Sustainable Destination Development at Uppsala University in Vibsy, Sweden, Laura created social media posts, researched and contributed to our new Online Climate Change Course, and conducted environmental checks on boats.

Laura Ullius

Tiantian is a Sustainable Resource Management student at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Tiantian has supported Green Sail through her research, writing blog articles and doing fieldwork during her internship.

Tiantian Wang

Joining Green Sail from the Mendel University in Brno, Slovakia, where she is studying Wate Management, Barbora supported Green Sail in individual research and reporting, as well as on-the-ground activities in Croatian marinas.

Barbora Rantova

Lorenzo is studying Environmental Sciences at the Tuscia University, Italy. Thanks to the Erasmus program, Lorenzo has had the change to travel abroad and contribute to the development of nautical tourism in Croatia.

Lorenzo Scenna

As a graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Annie joined us as a Design and Illustration Intern. Annie's brilliant skills assisted us in our Eco-Tourism campaign and helped us to create engaging content for various promotional materials, infographics, brochures and video designs.

Annie Adams

Therese joined Green Sail as part of her master's program in Tourism and Sustainability at Linneaus University, Germany. Therese gained significant knowledge by writing blog articles about various topics concerning the nautical industry as well as completing surveys on the boats and taking part in several marketing tasks.

Therese Nix

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A small amount of time. Just one day. Just one moment can make a difference. Our community projects are hands-on approaches by volunteers, employees, ambassadors, interns and partners of the organizations and companies we work with. To get involved in projects in your area, join our community of like-minded members in the Green Sail Community Facebook Group.

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