Green Sail Partner Flag

Green Sail Partner Flag

Most yacht charter customers want to recycle - they just don’t know how or where. You can make a change to this by recycling when sailing and flying the flag to start a conversation about sustainable tourism. A simple conversation is all it takes to spark change and prompt action. The project is scalable and can be applied in any boating destination to raise awareness to the protection of our seas and oceans.

A Community Project

Our Green Sail Flag project was an initiative that was created from an educational workshop in Croatia where our participants discussed and identified the problems faced with recycling onboard yachts around the Croatian islands.


Croatia has an ineffective recycling system with insufficient, or in some places, no appropriate recycling system provided by the relevant local authorities.

In addition to this, the local population have a lack of ecological awareness and personal responsibility, particularly with regard to recycling and waste separation.

Compounding the issue are tourists and charter companies which allow plastic water bottles onboard, which are often not recycled and end up in landfill or the water.


Our Green Sail flags represent the importance of recycling to ensure sustainable tourism. They are excellent conversation starters and a quick way to generate interest in improving recycling services.

They are given flags for customers to fly on their vessels and recycling stickers to put on bins onboard yachts. All of these small steps are the catalyst to creating demand, awareness, educating tourists and eventually changing the way recycling is managed in Croatia. The project is scalable and can be applied in any boating destination to raise awareness to the protection of our seas and oceans.

Getting involved with the Green Sail Flag Initiative

Three simple steps:

Case Studies from our Partners

Sail Croatia

SAIL CROATIA: Working with regional vendors who share its values has always been important to Sail Croatia, especially those who build long-term alliances and opportunities to support local employment. Partners have had to make adjustments as a result of the development of sound environmental policies to make sure that business practices adhere to certain sustainability standards. This is best demonstrated by the company's initiatives to reduce plastic waste on ships, improve recycling, and increase waste reduction, to name a few. Today, Sail Croatia offers a wide range of cruises, such as eco-friendly cruises, walking and cycling cruises. All Sail Croatia products are made to help small communities along the coast's local shops like cafes, restaurants, and tour operators.

Yachts For you

YACHT4YOU: Located in Marina Kastela, Yacht4You offers the ideal yacht charter experience while advocating for high environmental standards. They offer welcome kits to their visitors that include biodegradable products they can use while on vacation and reusable bags, obviating the need for plastic bags throughout the charter. The company is committed to cleaning its yachts with biodegradable materials and to segregating and recycling waste produced by its visitors. Visitors may also leave batteries and paper in the business office for staff to handle. Informing their guests about the environmental effects of tourism and the significance of sea protection is something that Yacht4You take great pride in doing. Because of their responsible business model, they consistently receive positive reviews.

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