Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Education

Green Sail

"Green Sail is responsible for leading initiatives that protect and promote sustainable tourism along coastal communities, and on our seas and oceans." - Grant Seuren, Director

Green Sail works closely with nautical tourism providers throughout Europe to initiate grassroots solutions to sustainability problems. Through education, hands-on programs and our network of partners and members, the Green Sail movement promotes the concept of sustainable tourism, with the aim of helping to protect the seas and oceans we rely so heavily on.

What have we achieved so far?

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Our Initiatives

Our Programs

Since 2016 we have been running programs that continue to have a positive effect on local tourism and the operating environments of our Partners and Members. These programs include our Green Flag initiative, coastal cleaning and waste reduction, our Recycling program, educational walking tours & sustainability concept development.

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We partner with Charter companies, Marinas and Tourism companies to set environmental policies, provide educational materials to stakeholders and support their sustainability endeavours. Partners also have the opportunity to become Green Sail Certified, and we offer membership based consultancy to companies looking to improve their operating environment.

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Our team of Volunteers, Interns and International Ambassadors help us to spread the Green Sail message far and wide! These passionate individuals have a strong interest in sustainability and volunteer their time and skills to various projects and initiatives.

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Education is the very first step to achieving change. We provide a range of free online courses, educational quizzes and downloadable materials that you can print out and use in your workplace to promote environmental sustainability!

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