Our Team

Meet The Team

With many years experience in the nautical sector, Grant is passionate about raising ecological awareness in Croatia. This experience and passion forms the basis of the Green Sail movement.

Grant Seuren

Through her positive energy and love of the environment, Helle is a true ecologist, promoting the "reduce, reuse, recycle" principles whenever possible. Her ‘green’ ideas have contributed to the Green Sail movement from the very beginning.

Helle Seuren

Responsible for managing Green Sail initiatives, Ornela conducts educational activities and manages stakeholder relationships to ensure sustainability throughout the nautical tourism sector.

Ornela Krezic
Green Sail Manager

Jayde is responsible for all things marketing, including strategic development, communication strategies, branding and content creation.

Jayde Cox
Marketing Manager

Maintaining all things technology, Justin is responsible for website development, management and technical support, ensuring the Green Sail message is effectively delivered.

Justin Christensen
Technology Manager

Creating high quality videos, Eugen is responsible for developing video content that influences nature lovers to be responsible in their use of our seas and oceans.

Eugen Bilankov
Video Editor

Lucija personally promotes a sustainable way of life and assists with the creation of video content that effectively conveys the Green Sail message.

Lucija Vrkic
Video Editor