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Most travellers chartering boats in Croatia don’t recycle because of a lack of knowledge on “how” and “where” they can recycle.

Recycling Locations in Croaita

Click on a location in Croatia to find out about the marinas that have recycling facilities available:

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Croatia’s undulating coastline is simply spectacular and boasts over a thousand islands rich in natural, historical and cultural beauty. On this map you’ll find information on marinas that are commonly visited by those sailing around the Split region and those locations that support recycling initiatives by providing recycling collection points.

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Recycling Points

Click on the location that you are interested in for more information and use this handy guide to utilise the right recycling facilities during your sailing trip.

Split Map

About Split

Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest on the Dalmatian coast. It was originally founded 2,400 years ago as a Greek outpost and was strategically important due to it’s geographic position. The location was of such importance that the Roman emperor Diocletian ordered an extravagant and beautiful palace to be built here.

Recycling Points

Recycling Points

Recycling facilities are located within ACI Marina, to the north of the reception. Here you can recycle paper, plastic and glass materials.

Bobovisca Map

About Bobovisca

The largest of all of the Dalmatian Islands and the third largest island in all of Croatia is Brac. The island has seen tourists flock here in recent times, due to attractions such as it’s famous Zlatni Rat or ‘Golden Horn Beach’. This beach is arguably the most beautiful beach in Croatia and actually changes its shape, size and colour depending on the direction and strength of the wind.

Recycling Points

Recycling Points

There is a recycling facility located in the town of Bobovisca where you can recycle paper, plastic and glass.

Makarska Map

About Makarska

This seaside town is dwarfed by the second largest mountain range in Croatia and is located on the mainland. Founded in ancient times, the town of Makarska now boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the Dalmatian coast and the Riviera is brimming with beachside activities and watersports, making it hugely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Recycling Points

Recycling Points

Makarska has three recycling facilities dotted around the semi-circular marina that all recycle paper and plastic.

Palmizana Map

About Palmizana

Located opposite the island of Hvar is the small uninhabited village of Palmižana that belongs to a cluster of islands near Hvar, known as the Pakleni islands. This island is popular due to its close proximity to Hvar Island, stunning quiet beaches and quaint village compelete with an art gallery and restaurants.

Recycling Points

Recycling Points

There are two recycling facilities available on the island of Palmizana, allowing you to recycle plastic and cans.

Vis Map

About Vis

Vis is the furthest main central island from the coast and arguably the most mysterious of the Croatian Islands. Isolated from tourism between 1950 and 1989 and used as a military base for the Yugoslav army, the island still holds it’s unique old world charm and maintains a traditional Croatian way of life.

Recycling Points

Recycling Points

There are three locations in Vis to recycle plastic, paper and glass, meaning that whether you’re docked in the main town of Vis, or in one of the two smaller marinas, you’ll be able to dispose of your waste responsibly.

Getting Involved With Our Activities

The organisations we work with are integral in promoting our environmental policies. Below we will feature green initatives designed to aid sustainable tourism.


2017 Sail Croatia Eco Tour

Sail Croatia have been operating beach clean ups in Croatia every year for the past 4 years. On this trip guests participate in hands on beach clean ups combined with activities such as wine tasting, rafting and food experiences. The trip offers a great way to visit Croatia whilst also enjoying time to relax and actively get involved in local sustainability work.


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