Our Movement

Our Movement

About Green Sail

Here at Green Sail we are passionate about raising awareness of environmental policies. We believe the promotion of environmentally conscious practices and the responsible use of our seas and oceans will have a prolonged and positive impact and will help to maintain sustainable tourism.

Through our programs, we partner with charter companies, marinas, institutions, environmentally friendly businesses, and individuals by providing informative and educative activities and materials.

Unfortunately due to covid-19, we have temporarily suspended our onsite educational programs and 2020 season operations. Read our statement to find out more.

Green Sail

Direct Action

The movement has developed policies and direct action projects which have been adopted and continue to have a positive effect on local tourism operating environments. These include coastal cleaning, coastal waste reduction, recycling promotion, green tours and education to stakeholders, employees partners and suppliers.

Green Sail Flag Initiative

Wherever you are in the world, If you have a boat or will charter a boat, and like us, you believe we need to better protect our coastal seas you can sign up to our policy statement right now.

It will cost you nothing but time and we will send you a Green Sail Flag.

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Eco Walk Talk

A unique kind of tour that will, without any doubt, raise your ecological awareness!

Discover the fascinating history and culture of Split while learning from your local guide about important environmental issues that affect the town and its area. Strolling around tiny cobbled streets of the most important administrative and cultural city in Dalmatia in a search for hidden details and untold stories will certainly amaze you. Moreover, you will have a chance to hear about ecological efforts of Green Sail activists and its local population in dealing with major waste cleaning and reduction problems.

The Team Behind The Movement

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Recycling locations in Dalmatia

Click on a location to read more about available recycling facilities:

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