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A small amount of time. Just one day. Just one moment to make a difference. Our community projects are hands on approaches by volunteers, employees and partners of the organisations and companies we work with. As a Green Sail Ambassador you can get involved by identifying an area you want to change and doing something about it. We can help with resources including people, advice and financial investment in promoting and running local projects.

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Our Green Sail ambassadors share a passion for protecting our oceans and promoting our environmental policies in their home community. It’s easy to get involved in spreading the word, makes you feel good and looks awesome on your CV. Join us as an ambassador in your community and make changes to support our projects and sustainability of our oceans and seas.


Local Ambassador

Ornela Krezić

[email protected]

+385 21 610 953

Ornela is the local Green Sail Ambassador in Split, Croatia. She is a passionate individual, whose focus is on developing and maintaining relationships within the yacht charter industry in Split and it’s surroundings.

She strongly believes in sustainable tourism and the Green Sail movement, starting conversations and educating local people and tourists alike on how they can get involved to ensure the protection of Croatia’s beautiful coastline.



Roman Fleischhackl

Location: Austria

[email protected]

Roman is our Local Ambassador in Austria. He notes that the Adriatic is such a great space for relaxation, sports and adventure, and as the beneficiaries of this environment, he strongly believes we should all ensure tourism is carried out in a sustainable way.

Roman contributes to this cause by spreading the word, in addition to his every day activities; recycle and re-use as much as possible, be conscious of the use of water as a resource, and of course, his personal cleaning efforts every time he is on the water or near a beach.



Cristian & Ioana Tetelea

Location: Romania

[email protected]

Ioana and Cristian are our Local Ambassadors in Romania. They are passionate about conservation and sustainability and believe that now, more than ever, is the time to change the way we consume tourism and engage travellers.

Ioana and Cristian hope to raise the conversation about eco-conscious sailing in Romania and abroad, where awareness and responsible sailing is limited. They hope to do this through their blog Cafune Experience.

A Community Project

Our Green Sail Flag project was an initiative that was created from an educational workshop in Croatia where our participants discussed and identified the problems faced with recycling onboard yachts around the Croatian islands.

Problem Identified:

Lack of Facilities

The main problem identified was the high number of plastic bottles used for drinking water on charter yachts which are not recycled and go into mainstream rubbish or sometimes into the water.

This is due largely to a lack of recycling facilities at ports and marinas. On speaking with authorities the facilities were not being provided due to a lack of demand from customers and in some cases ignorance towards the benefits of sustainability.

Our Solution

Conversation starters:

The Green Sail flag project has been designed to create this demand by customers. Green Sail flags onboard yachts are a reminder to recycle onboard. They tell boats around them that recycling and caring for our oceans and seas is important.

They are conversation starters and are a simple way of creating demand for recycling services. As part of this project Yacht Charter companies are setting environmental policies to shape their corporate decisions.

They are given flags for customers to fly on their vessels and recycling stickers to put on bins onboard yachts. All of these small steps are the catalyst to creating demand, awareness, educating tourists and eventually changing the way recycling is managed in Croatia. The project is scalable and can be applied in any boating destination to raise awareness to the protection of our seas and oceans.

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