Top Tips for Becoming a Sustainable Traveller

Top Tips for Becoming a Sustainable Traveller

Written by Jayde on July 25th 2020

Most of us follow environmentally friendly practices at home, but what happens to those practices when we travel abroad, outside of our home country? As an environmentally conscious traveller, it's important to leave little to no environmental footprint when you travel.

Being a sustainable traveller is more than just choosing environmentally friendly travel options, it means keeping sustainability at the forefront of our thoughts and actions whilst on holiday! So the next time you spend a glorious week sailing the stunning waters of the Adriatic, it's important to remember that you play an important part in the story of sustainable tourism.

Check out these easy tips designed to help you travel responsibly and sustainably. By keeping these in mind, the only thing you’ll leave in Croatia will be a positive environmental impact!

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