The Ultimate Feel Good Cruise

The Ultimate Feel Good Cruise

Written by Jayde on March 13th

Sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular in today's society with people looking to fulfil their desire to travel without negatively impacting the environment. In the past, increased tourist activity has had a direct correlation with environmental issues such as litter, reduced species of flora and fauna and increased levels of waste.

Today’s eco-friendly traveller is becoming educated about environmental issues, prompting a market for sustainable tourism that not only gives back to the communities in which it operates but that also encourages environmentally friendly practices.

Our Green Sail cruise goes beyond this, incorporating awareness and education with action. Need more reasons to get involved in sustainable tourism? Here’s 5 reasons why a Green Sail cruise is perfect for the new generation of traveller.


Give Back

The Green Sail Cruise is the perfect opportunity to give back to the planet. Your contribution in cleaning up local beaches and participating in awareness activities will have a considerable effect on the landscape, flora and fauna of the area. Preserving these awe-inspiring locations will ensure they are maintained for future generations to experience.

The Movement

Be a Part of the Green Movement

Education is the key to promoting change. Often practices are in place because they have been a certain way for hundreds of years, being passed down from generation to generation. In today’s day and age there are strategies and practices that can be implemented that are not only environmentally sustainable, but more often than not they are a more streamlined process, saving time and exertion. The Green Sail cruise provides a platform to educate the community by demonstrating leadership and initiative in a field that is sometimes overlooked in Eastern Europe.

Yacht Charters

Educate and Inform

The local crews that we work with actively participate in the green movement in Croatia so this is grassroots work in action. They benefit from being surrounded by environmentally aware travellers who can share their ideas, developing a reciprocal relationship where education is passed freely between guests and crew members. The lessons that are absorbed by the crew during the Green Sail cruise continue to be implemented throughout the rest of the summer, are passed along to others in the sailing industry and are fed back to new guests throughout the season in the hope that they too will adopt eco-friendly practices throughout their cruise.

Group Shot

Meet Like-minded Travellers

There’s a certain stigma surrounding organised tours; you’ll either love or hate the people you’re stuck with for 8 days! Your chances of being grouped with like-minded travellers are much greater on a cruise with a common theme such as a Green Sail cruise. All of our guests take part in this unique cruise because of their passion for environmental sustainability. More often than not guests that are looking to gain the same thing from their tour will share similar opinions and beliefs, experiencing fast formed friendships that will last a lifetime.


Relax and Unwind

You deserve a break, right? The Green Sail cruise is the perfectly balanced getaway. It incorporates everything you may want from an 8 day cruise; relaxation, sightseeing and socialising, along with the added bonus of being a part of a green movement that is the first of its kind in Croatia.

Eco-tourism ensures the future of Croatia’s environmental sustainability and is a trend that is here to stay. Get involved on our Green Sail cruise and make a difference today.