How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint on a Business Trip

How to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint on a Business Trip

Written by Ivana on November 27th 2019

Have you ever wondered what impact your business trip has on our environment? For some time now, the business world has been under pressure to stay ahead of the increasing number of environmental issues and trends; however, individual contributions have never been more important than today.

Nowadays, there are many stories about the carbon footprint and the various negative environmental impacts of travelling. Not to make you feel guilty if you have a trip booked soon, or you often need to travel for work, but we as travellers also have the important responsibility to treat our environment fairly while enjoying its beauties.

When it comes to human environmental impact, the travel industry is the highest generator of carbon emissions. The amount of greenhouse gas produced by cars, trucks, ships, and trains is extremely large, with air travel being particularly carbon-damaging to our environment. Every trip we take, whether by plane or car, discharges CO2 into the atmosphere which increases the negative carbon footprint that is so widely mentioned these days.

The good news is that even the smallest changes can have significant environmental benefits. So, why wouldn't you have your own eco-friendly travel policy? Think about how you usually do business. It may involve frequent meetings that include face-to-face interactions whether locally or internationally. This becomes a burden not only on business travellers but also strains our environment. So, the next time you’re travelling due to business, take a moment to decide the best means of travel that will impact the environment the least. The tips below are to guide your future decisions in reducing the negative influence so that our environment stays protected and safe.

Eco-business travel is possible and business travellers can go green too! Learn more on the great ways you can help your business go green here.