8 tips to make sure you sail green on your next sailing trip!

8 tips to make sure you sail green on your next sailing trip!

Written by Jayde on September 11th


It may seem like the most obvious point, even in everyday life, however recycling whilst sailing can make a difference, helping to save energy, resources and even money! You can feel good knowing you’re helping to protect the stunning environment you’re sailing through by reducing, re-using and recycling. Choosing to overnight in local marinas that provide guests with recycling facilities is one way to make your environmental standpoint known. Avoid marina’s that don’t provide recycling facilities where possible, and ensure you always separate your waste before disposing of it! You can find a list of environmentally responsible marinas in Split and surrounds online here.

Clean your yacht responsibly

Harmful chemicals and toxins from detergents will always find their way into waterways if they are used to clean vessels. This has a detrimental effect on the biodiversity and cleanliness of the Sea, which in turn affects our overall health. The best option to ensure a guilt-free, clean yacht, is to use sea water and/or ecological detergents that are biodegradable.

Keep your deck rubbish free

Items kept on the deck easily end up in the Sea. It would be the best to remove them while sailing; protecting your property and the Sea from pollution.

Avoid using your motor when possible

That feeling of quietly gliding through the sea with the power of the wind actually helps sea preservation, and is better for the environment. Sit back, relax and enjoy the power of the wind; using your motor only when necessary.

Allow space between vessels in marinas

According to scientists, a distance of 40 -60 cm between vessels in a marina is an ideal distance. This means the sun's rays are able to filter through the passage of deep water, allowing an undisturbed photosynthesis process which ensures the self-purification of the sea.

Take advantage of marina facilities

Help keep waterways clean by using ablution blocks in the marina for showers, toilets and dish washing, ensuring waste is appropriately disposed of on land.

Dispose of faecal waste responsibly

According to MARPOL , organic waste (food) as well as waste from the faecal tank is recommended to be discharged at least 12 nm away from nearest coastline.

Taking the above into consideration when sailing in Croatia with ensure we’re able to enjoy the wealth of natural resources available for years to come!