7 Ways to Help Your Business Go Green

7 Ways to Help Your Business Go Green

Written by Ivana on October 9th 2018

At a management level, it is easy to get buried in the routine of everyday business obligations. However, as managers, not only do you have an obligation to act responsibly when it comes to your employees, but also to be a leader within organisational practices, which of course include those practices that benefit the environment.

Managers need to take into consideration the affect their organisation has on the environment. One of the basic factors that needs to be considered is local legislation, however companies can go one step further and promote environmental sustainability. If you are at a management level in your organisation, here are some tips on how to help your business ‘go green’.

Stay on Top of Technological Changes

If you or your employees often take regular business trips, why not try to organize your business meetings through video conferencing when possible, rather than flying or driving to your destination. Thanks to modern technology, video conferences are a common way to connect globally, and are cheaper and more environmentally sustainable than traditional business trips. Often business trips are unavoidable, and in this instance we would recommend compiling multiple meetings into one trip, to avoid back and forth travel.

business_future_profits Save Energy

As a business, take into account how much electricity you use. If you’re unsure, you can ask your electricity provider to help you monitor energy usage. If your building is insulated, a simple and effective step to lowering your energy usage is lowering the thermostat settings, ensuring your environment is still at a comfortable temperature. Another handy tip is to replace your current office equipment with energy saving alternatives. These alternatives are often the same price as standard equipment, if not cheaper. As various appliances break, try replacing them them with new, energy-efficient models.


One of the simplest ways to implement environmental efficiency within your organisation, is to ensure all equipment is turned off at the powerpoint at the end of the day, and that all lights and heating are turn off overnight. Why not run a sustainability competition with your team and praise those who continuously turn off their equipment overnight? Even small acts make a difference.

Clean Green

How to implement green practices? By applying green products! Try to use green cleaning products that help reduce carbon emissions and cut costs. Make sure green products become a part of your daily business life. Ensure the items used by your cleaner are eco-friendly, and that the packaging material is recyclable and/or biodegradable. One way to promote sustainability outside of your organisation is to send promotional or corporate gifts (great Christmas idea!) in the form of eco-friendly or biodegradable products? Both the environment and your partners will be thankful!

business_future_profits Go Paperless

In today's day and age, most of our business is conducted through email and the internet. It is possible to reduce the usage of paper through simple steps such as storing data online and thinking twice before you print. Considering that the worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years, reducing the use of paper in everyday business is essential. If you do need to use paper, ensure your paper is recycled, and that you continue this pattern by recycling the paper once you’ve finished with it. Make sure to always separate paper from other waste and always recycle.

business_future_profits Work with Others

You are never alone in your effort to ‘go green’! There are many organizations trying to improve their carbon footprint, or that have already improved practices to make their organisations more environmentally friendly. Use your connections by talking to friends and colleagues in other companies and get them to share their tips on the steps they’ve taken to become more environmentally friendly. You can reach out to companies like ours, who specialise in creating environmental policies and helping companies go green. Head to the Contact Us section of our website to get in touch!


As a company, you can also try to get involved with your local community and support organisations that promote green practices. We can assure you that eventually this type of corporate social responsibility will become beneficial for your business as well. Here at Green Sail, we’ve been organizing and supporting local beach and underwater clean-ups, with the aim of raising local awareness about sea pollution. Getting involved in these types of community actions as an organisation gives back to the community in which you operate, and ensures respect amongst your industry and the public.

Education is key

It is important that your employees follow in your footsteps by promoting green practices. Before employees can become advocates of sustainability, they have to understand them, and understand how their choices can benefit them, both personally and professionally. Talking to you employees on a regular basis, sharing statistics about your company's influence on the environment, and taking onboard possible organisational improvements will ensure your employees are involved as much as possible and soon become green advocates themselves!

business_future_profits Spread the word

Whatever environmental improvement your company takes part in, be proud of it and don't be shy to brag a little! If you have taken time and resources to help the environment, you deserve it. Never forget that your users, guests or consumers have a social and environmental conscience, which will gain you brand advocates and supporters in no time.

Company giants such as Apple and Google have been recognized for their contribution to the environment. Apple has installed 485 megawatts of wind and solar energy in China so its data centers can run on 100 percent renewable power, whereas Google has also invested its time and money in renewable energy projects. With these sustainable practices they have earned consumer respect, which is the ultimate goal.


When businesses decide to go green, they achieve a positive impact on the environment. Not only that, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices can also be reflected in a company's bottom line. Consumers consider it important that the company they are working with, or purchasing from, is showing favorable environmental results. Overall, it is evident that taking the environment into consideration within your business can only bring great advantages.

For company interested in preventing sea and coastal area pollution, Green Sail is happy to provide advice on environmentally friendly practices, especially within charter companies and marinas.