We've been working with Marinas for many years now, and work closely with these organisations to provide education and support to Marina staff and guests, through marketing materials and educational courses.

We offer Marinas the option to become a Partner, or Verified Partner. Both options are designed to motivate and advise Marinas on appropriate recycling management practices, and encourage the prevention of sea and coastal pollution, improve education and develop environmentally friendly practices both internally and externally to clients.

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Working with Partner Marinas

Recycling Program

We've worked closely with our Partners to implement and increase the number of recycling facilities available within Partner Marinas. To aid the nautical tourism industry in Croatia, we've populated a map of Dalmatia with Marinas that offer recycling facilities to their staff and guests. Guests are then able to use the map to plot their sailing routes and support environmentally friendly marinas along the way!

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Green Sail Sticker Initiative

We have developed a series of Bin Stickers that are provided to Marinas for free, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of separating waste and recycling in Marinas. The Green Sail team work closely with Marinas to ensure the stickers are applied in areas of high visibility and that bins are in plain sight for guests to use. By doing this, the Green Sail Sticker initiative ensures that waste is handled properly and doesn't end up in the Sea.

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