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We believe the promotion of environmentally conscious practices and the responsible use of our seas and oceans will have a prolonged and positive impact on sustainable tourism.

We are passionate about raising awareness around sustainability issues and have been providing grassroots solutions to these problems since 2016. We work closely with local communities and our network of volunteers, partners and members to run various programs locally and internationally.

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Wherever you are in the world, If you have a boat or will charter a boat, and like us, you believe we need to better protect our coastal seas you can sign up to our policy statement right now.

It will cost you nothing but time and we will send you a Green Sail Flag.

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Eco Walk Talk - Croatia

A unique walking tour that will, without any doubt, raise your ecological awareness!

Discover the fascinating history and culture of Split while learning about the important environmental issues affecting this town from your Green Sail guide. Stroll around tiny cobbled streets in search of hidden details and untold stories and tick off all of the must-see destinations in Split! Profits from this Walking Tour go directly back into Green Sail initiatives, allowing you to learn about the history of Split and help our non-profit organisation!

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Recycling Program

Recycling is a simple and effective action that tourists and locals alike can get involved in. Green Sail has worked hard to implement and increase the number of recycling facilities within marinas. To aid the nautical tourism industry in Croatia, we've populated a map of Dalmatia with Marinas that offer recycling facilities to their staff and guests. Use the map to plot your sailing route and support environmentally friendly marinas!

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Sustainability Concept Development

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to develop sustainable tourism further, whether that be through introducing infrastructure, or applying modern, innovative solutions to the problems faced by local communities. We're always looking for potential partners, individuals with specific skill sets and those looking for rewarding funding opportunities to collaborate with!

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Clean Ups

When local demand and funding is available, we will organise coastal clean ups at local beaches and coastlines. Our team of volunteer divers ensure we're not only removing trash from the shoreline and beach, but also removing unseen waste below the sea. We couldn't complete these clean ups without the help of our incredible volunteers!

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