Marina Program

Marina Program

The program is designed to motivate and advise partner marinas on appropriate recycling management practices to come in handy both to their users and charter companies that work within marina.

Green Sail partner marinas are provided with:
  • Employee and marina users education
  • Marina check-up (suggestions on missing elements and options for improvement)
  • Marina Flags
  • Recycling container stickers
  • Occasional Green Sail raising awareness actions provided by GS volunteers
  • Marina Guide
  • Promotion through GS website and social channels
  • Marina promotion to partner charter companies and its customers through GS leaflets
  • Additional advice on sustainable practices that can be integrated into daily marina operations adding value to marina busness at no additional costs

Marina Partners

Green Sail is supported by organisations and companies that believe in the sustainable tourism movement. These companies have adopted policies that shape their decisions around protecting the environment.

Green Sail Flag

Green Sail Sticker Initiative

Marina Bin Stickers are put to raise awareness about the importance of separating waste in marinas so we ensure that the waste is handled properly away from the Sea.

Green Sail Sticker Dimensions Green Sail Stickers make a difference.

They are small stickers designed for companies to promote recycling to marina visitors.

Getting involved with the Green Sail Flag Initiative

Three simple steps:

Why Stickers?

  • Our Green Sail stickers aim to inform customers.
  • Our recycle stickers are placed on or next to trash bins on boats encouraging recycling onboard.
  • The stickers build awareness amongst customers and visitors. They also make visitors feel good by being part of the Green Sail movement.
Maps Maps

We have documented all current recycling points and are adding new points as they are installed by local councils.

Brochures Brochures

Customers can access this information online or you can provide them with copies through our PDF brochure.

Marina Guide Marina Guide

Today, Green Sail programs operate throughout Croatia, with the aim of influencing the future of sustainable tourism around the world.

Apply to be a partner

If your company is interested in applying to become a Green Sail partner apply here. Our next steps will simply be to help implement (or review existing) environmental policies in your organisation that promote sustainable tourism and to actively take steps to meeting these policies.

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