Setting Meaningful Policy

Our Green Sail environmental policies are designed to make change. They will fit within tourism businesses interested in sustainability for the long term benefit of all stakeholders. Ensuring a destination is protected and improving its operating environment is the key to long term customer satisfaction and a sustainable business model.


With the increase in population and popularity of destinations, the impact on your local operating environment requires a good environmental policy. This policy will set your position around the environment and shapes the operating decisions you make. It can be used for educating staff, suppliers and distributors alike. Our aim is to help businesses set environmental policies that support sustainability efforts.

Green Sail Partners

Green Sail is supported by organisations and companies that believe in the sustainable tourism movement. These companies have adopted policies that shape their decisions around protecting the environment.


Sail Croatia

It has always been important for Sail Croatia to work with local suppliers that share similar values, and in particular those companies that create long term partnerships and opportunities to support local jobs. The creation of sound environmental policies has also meant partners have had to adjust to ensure business practices meet certain sustainability criteria. A great example of this is the reduction in plastic waste onboard ships, improving recycling onboard and increasing waste reduction, to name a few initiatives run by the company. Today Sail Croatia run many different types of cruises including eco friendly cruises, hiking cruises and cycle cruises. All Sail Croatia products are designed to support local businesses such as restaurants, cafes and excursion providers in small communities along the coastline.



Yacht4You is a yacht charter company located in Marina Kaštela, who provide the perfect yacht charter experience whilst promoting high environmental standards. They provide welcome packs to their guests, consisting of biodegradable products to use during their vacation and a reusable bag, to eliminate the need for plastic bags during the charter. The company is committed to using biodegradable products to clean their yachts and take care to separate and recycle waste generated by their guests. Guests are also able to leave batteries and paper in the company office, to be recycled responsibly by staff. Yacht4You take great pride in informing their guests on the environmental impacts tourism has and the importance of Sea protection. This responsible approach to their business model ensures consistently high reviews.

Green Sail Flag

Green Sail Flag Initiative

Most yacht charter customers want to recycle - they just don’t know how or where. You can make a change to this by asking your customers to recycle when they travel with you, giving them information on where and how, and give them an incentive by making them feel good about it.

Green Sail Flag Dimensions Green Sail Flags make a difference.

They are small pennant flags designed for companies to promote recycling to customers onboard charter yachts.

Getting involved with the Green Sail Flag Initiative

Three simple steps:

Flags and Stickers

  • Our Green Sail flags and stickers aim to inform customers.
  • Our recycle stickers are placed on cupboards next to trash bins on boats encouraging recycling onboard.
  • Our pennant flags are flown on boats to remind everyone onboard to recycle and look after our seas. The flags are a conversation starter and build awareness amongst customers. They also make customers feel good by being part of the Green Sail movement.
Maps Maps

We have documented all current recycling points and are adding new points as they are installed by local councils.

Brochures Brochures

Customers can access this information online or you can provide them with copies through our PDF brochure.

Apply to be a partner

If your company is interested in applying to become a Green Sail partner apply here. Our next steps will simply be to help implement (or review existing) environmental policies in your organisation that promote sustainable tourism and to actively take steps to meeting these policies.

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